apples, a tradition

before the calendar flips and there is more talk of turkeys than apples, i am sharing some photos i took on a chilly saturday morning last month. it has become a tradition of ours to choose a fall weekend to devote to apples. it's never too spontaneous… this year, we did a bit of research ahead of time to find the perfect orchard, and smiled at each other when the farm wife asked if one bag would be too much. we ended up with three pecks altogether, making stops at two different farms to get the best variety… a healthy split between honeycrisp and cortland. we drove home along the straight country roads with happy hearts, and a car-filled aroma better than any candle-shaped air freshener could lend. apple bread, apple crisp, skillet apple cake, and two huge batches of applesauce later, our supply is depleted, and we are sufficiently happy with our seasonal intake. until next year.