happy new year! the holiday season came and went in a flurry, as predicted. i did, however, do my best to soak up the moments. an early morning cup of coffee by the twinkling tree, christmas music and lit candles warming the room on numerous cold december afternoons, bustling to and from family gatherings and parties with friends, long afternoons reading by the fireplace as the snow fell and the daylight hours fleeted. 2013 was a year of change and transition for us. matt and i made the big decision to sell our house and move to a new city. in a way, it feels like we've been in minneapolis much longer than we actually have. we've met lots of wonderful people, dined at some fantastic restaurants, spent lots of time by the lakes, and are currently being forced to experience bitter, bitter cold. we gained clarity, both as individuals and as a couple, and embarked on new careers.

i am thrilled about the clean slate that 2014 brings. i have big goals, both personally and for my career in photography. we are also hoping to find a new home downtown. it will most likely look very different from our little 1940s cottage, but the possibility of living in an industrial loft in the city gets us pretty excited. while last year felt like the year of transition and laying groundwork, 2014 holds the promise of lots of growth and development... and that in itself is reason to celebrate. whether you're new here, or have been reading for years, thank you for your support. i think this year is going to be a good one.

(photo from a floral still life study-- more in this series to come).