Reading & Listening, Lately

I've come across some wonderful words in the past week or two, in the form of books, articles, and podcasts. Some are older, some fresh... in case you find yourself longing for something inspiring and/or thought provoking, a short list below:

Creative Confidence

The Alchemist (a modern classic that lives up to its reputation)


The Philosopher Chef

On the Importance of Dealing with Ambiguity

The Myth of the Ethical Shopper

...followed by Why L.L. Bean's Boots Keep Selling Out

Maker Quarterly Issue 07 / Character - (a beautifully printed free publication)

Nick Onken's talk with Emily Fletcher on The Power of Vedic Meditation

A conversation with Grace Bonney & Julia Turshen

An interview with Maria Popova - Cartographer of Meaning in a Digital World