a november hello


i can't believe i've been gone from here for the better part of a year. i won't dwell on the reasons or make excuses, as you've heard it all before. in summary, "life gets in the way".



so let's move forward, shall we? it's november. the skies are white, the trees are close to bare. we're preferring to light a fire over turning on the heat. it's a yearly challenge and we haven't flipped the switch just yet. we'll choose soup and chunky sweaters and a warm oven for now.

i can't help but being overcome with thankfulness in this season. that we were unharmed by hurricane sandy. that we have a roof over our heads and big piles of leaves in the backyard and that we live in freedom, and can choose our leader. i'm especially thankful for that today.


i am so thankful for this space. that i can always pick up where i left off, and (maybe) someone out there will read. here's to a fantastic season… to crackling fires and cozy scarves and warm apple pie.

it's good to be back.

november now

yesterday, with my first step out the door, it hit me. it feels like november. you know how it feels when you're pulling that pumpkin pie out of the oven… glancing outside to the gray sky? toting baked goods to thanksgiving dinner, giving hugs, warming up inside and stealing away from the bleak outdoors? leaves piled in the gutters, almost-bare branches, the smell of a fire, maybe a snowflake or two. that's how i will always think of november.


i am happy that thanksgiving is less than a week away. it feels like it's been a long time coming. being especially mindful of thankful this week.



thankful for a job that keeps me busy and challenged. (challenged! last year at this time i couldn't imagine such a thing). for design projects that stimulate. for hot tea and a blanket. for a fireplace - we can't get enough of the crackling, natural warmth. for spinning classes. for recipes and sewing projects and christmas ideas. for football games and butternut squash. for a big family with whom to celebrate the upcoming holiday. for the festive red cups. for pandora / especially the shuffle setting. for the anticipation of getting our christmas tree next week(!) and for having found the very best peanut butter. for finally tackling projects. for smartwool socks and girl scout cookies and sunlight in the mornings. you guys, i'm so thankful.


have yourselves a cozy weekend - back next week with a peek into some holiday prep.


am off for a couple of days to prep for our kentucky derby party. this morning started out slow, coffee and a bagel in the sunroom, kane at my feet (in the sun spot), freshly painted & rearranged bookshelves.

i hope you enjoy your thursday. i'll be scrubbing sinks and spreading tablecloths and planting veggies and battling pollen.




happy st. pat's & (early) friday

first spring pedicure

no, i don't want to talk about my pale feet.

but i do want to discuss how i got the first pedicure of the season, and how my toes are so happy. they are donning a bright summery pink and are yearning to feel the sand.

as it turns out, they are in luck, because tomorrow morning we are flying to key west. i am so excited i can't even believe it. this was a (really unlike us) spontaneous idea that we dreamed up a couple of weeks ago, and it is about to come to life! i am having the best time pulling out my summer clothes, deciding which dresses and sandals and jewelry (and swimsuits!!) i will bring. what a treat.

i will be back with plenty of photos (and hopefully a tan) next week. i hope you have a wonderful weekend, and get to taste a bit of the spring that is all set to arrive on sunday.

tomorrow will remain without a post in honor of japan.

ps. any travelers out there have not-to-be-missed spots in key west? do tell.

hope you don't mind my mini-hiatus




life is busy. lots going on and no time to write. a quick list to bring you up to speed:

+ i turned 25 this weekend.
+ we took a trip to new york state to visit my sister-in-law, who shares my birthday and turned 21.
+ it was rainy and cold, but nothing sweet potato fries and milkshakes couldn't help.
+ it's pretty fun to share a birthday.
+ my 24 @ 24 list has ended - i think i did fairly well.
+ no plans for a 25 list yet.. thinking about it.
+ two good projects are in progress [craigslist/ikea]. they should debut soon.
+ bright colors and cheery prints have me yearning for spring.
+ in the meantime, a spontaneously-planned trip to florida has me counting down.
+ this is my latest buy; finally on the crossbody bandwagon (and at that price, everyone should be!)
+ am updating picture frames around the house.
+ and planning a trip to the garden center for a few new houseplants.
+ (my way of cheering up march).
+ this version of scrabble on the ipad is a new addiction. 
+ the event returns tonight. we can hardly wait.

there you have it. will be back when i can.
what's new with you?




blood orange



sunshine, new chair cushions*, blood oranges, heart garland, project beginnings.

*we bought these chairs ($100/set of four at a local consignment shop) shortly after we bought our house, knowing they would go perfectly with our kitchen table. since then i've had my eye out for cushions that wouldn't break the bank. while at ikea yesterday, i happened to walk by these. very basic, but at $6.99 a piece i couldn't beat it.