I worked with interior designer Nadia Haddad to shoot a recent project of hers, a beautiful residence in South Minneapolis. Nadia has such a talent for shaping space, and a unique global aesthetic. Definitely browse through her portfolio when you have a chance-- a feast for the eyes!

Styling by Hilary Kerhajetz, Anna Lundberg, Matt Stenerson

siri knutson design studio

i had the pleasure of working with siri knutson to update her porfolio. in addition to creating gold leaf art and having a beautiful space of her own, siri works as an interior designer, specializing in both commercial and residential spaces. she is a proponent of using pieces that clients already own, arranging them in a way that is both beautiful and functional. she pairs existing items with found objects, new pieces, and natural elements to create layered environments with personality. as you can tell from the shots above, the spaces that result are inviting and full of character, finding moments of beauty in the imperfect... just the way a lived-in space should be.

Featured on Design*Sponge: A Minneapolis Home


I am honored to have a Sneak Peek featured on Design*Sponge--  Rita of The American Edit has become a fast friend here in Minneapolis. She and her husband are currently living in a house that belongs to friends of theirs who moved overseas for a few years. It turned out to be the best of both worlds for everyone-- their friends get to fulfill a dream of living abroad, and Rita and Matt have the opportunity to live in a beautiful home and neighborhood while Rita gets TAE off the ground. 

Needless to say, their home is stunning. Light and bright with a focus on clean lines and American-made products-- and a touch of bold wallpaper to boot. What's not to love?

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rita and Shannon on this shoot. I owe endless thanks to both of them for making this possible. See the full post on D*S here.

minnesota makers 05 | siri knutson


over the winter, i had the true pleasure of visiting the home studio of siri knutson, a talented local artist and designer. i first encountered siri's art at the foundry, a favorite little shop of mine in minneapolis.  her abstract pieces made of faux gold leaf quickly caught my eye, and i was thrilled when she agreed to be a part of my minnesota makers series.  she has made a studio space in her home, which is minimalistic and bright, and filled with simple, personal elements. although it appears as though each piece in her space was chosen with intention, the collection comes together with seemingly no effort at all. she keeps an inspiration wall that brims with old photographs and postcards, and her own artwork from various points in her past. 

siri also works as an interior designer, and i couldn't help but take a few photos of her home while i was there. her bright, authentic spirit manages to shine through in every corner. (it's amazing how that happens, isn't it?) in this time of pinterest, social media, and general overstimulation, i felt so refreshed after talking with siri and spending time in her space. she has created a home that is a natural respite, and perhaps most importantly, has stayed true to herself while doing so.

you can see more of siri's work on her website. 

spring mantlescape


the mantle is always an evolution. i had some fun pulling out a few post-season-clearance items that i'd picked up last year, and pairing them with stand-by pieces as well as some natural elements. conveniently, the front yard bushes needed a trim, so i brought the clippings inside and put them in water. i love their yellowy-green haphazard look. the grape hyacinths are from the yard as well.

happy easter weekend!

winter mantlescape & other musings

wednesday's snow turned out to be merely a precursor. a second storm came in strong on wednesday night, and we woke up yesterday morning to about 10 inches on the ground. couple that with the cable and internet going out, and i quickly resorted to chocolate chip cookies, a cozy blanket, and a book.

winter mantle

i wanted to share our winter mantle today. it was an easy transition from christmas- you can see that some of the elements remain the same. i moved the wreath from the basement door to the mirror, and added two lemon topiaries-- on clearance at pottery barn this fall. the handmade pewter candlesticks were a wedding gift, and the paperwhites are planted in a container found at goodwill. the owl was a tj maxx find, and has been perched here and there since the fall. i love the peacefulness of it, and the small bursts of color for the dreary days.


paperwhites & snowflakes

christmasy bedroom

a little tree


holly, cut

wreath, glass balls

our bedroom is simply decorated for christmas. i love bringing the festivity into every room of the house... christmas books & a candle adorn the nightstand, a little tree with a star made of twine sits by the window. freshly cut holly on the dresser, and a wreath* over the bed.

*i bought a wreath form from michaels and wired in cuttings from our tree. no adornment necessary, except a few simple glass balls purchased from goodwill this fall... $.99 for a set of six.