berry excited.

strawberry fields

(sorry, i couldn't resist)

i will be back to more regular posting next week, promise. i have been in such a daze ever since last weekend!

yay for friday. i am quite excited for this weekend. tomorrow my friend and i, along with our moms, are going strawberry picking! this is the first weekend of the season... and i haven't been in quite a few years. i am so ready to throw on old shorts and a tank top (for strawberry stains, of course) and some old tennis shoes to spend a few hours in the fields.

i have a list of a few things i know i'd like to make with the berries:

strawberry (rhubarb?) jam
strawberry shortcakes
strawberry almond tart

any other ideas? if you have any tried-but-true, strawberry-filled recipes, send them my way!

photo found here.