peony party

passion for parties- peony party

passion for parties- peony party

i hope you had a lovely weekend! mine was filled with good food (hence today's early-morning trip to the gym), family & graduation parties.

i've been enjoying a book that i got from the library recently, a passion for parties by carolyne roehm. it is a really fun book to page through, filled with glossy pages overflowing with beautiful photos. one of the first parties that carolyne describes is a celebration of spring. she creates an outdoor room bounding with fresh peonies, and friends gather with cocktails to talk about summertime events. the mood is kept fun and breezy, with a light dinner menu and frank sinatra playing in the background.

i'd love to have a home and garden to host an event such as this. there are so many wonderful ideas for warm weather gatherings. this one will be tucked away for the future :)

(my apologies for the crooked scans)