pay it forward

pay it forward

from rachel

last week i received a beautiful package in the mail from the lovely rachel of heart of light. my pay it forward gift had arrived! i was so overjoyed and immediately opened it up.

inside were three mini packages: one of her ruffly headbands, some lovely notecards, and a menu-planning/shopping list pad. i love everything. and it is finally time to play.

so here we are. i will announce my picks on thursday, july 2nd.
please leave a comment if you're interested!

to review:

five of you will receive little packages from me, on the condition that you in turn select five lucky people who will get something from you. it's low pressure - the gifts can be small, and you don't have to get them out immediately.

(and your chances here are pretty good, as my readership is not quite at the level of rachel's)