{ a quick interlude }

this morning i happened upon this post by marta and am so glad i did. i think one of the reasons my august-september hiatus came about was this feeling of blog envy. yes, there were the wedding plans. and the vacations. and the work. but this looming feeling of i'll never be good enough was most definitely present. i am constantly inspired by the other {lovely parties + beautiful photography + perfect etsy shops + unique weddings + utter creativity} of other bloggers... but i found it paralyzing. i got in a rut. yes, i'm creative, but not as creative as these people. am i worthy of this space?

but then i returned. i haven't opened google reader in almost two months. i couldn't keep up. i have been typing the addresses of my very favorite blogs into my browser. just a few, so i am not consumed. and i will let this blog be a treasury what is important + inspiring to me.

my goal is simplicity. i have swept away the clutter. i will post, for the most part, my own photographs. i will become a better writer. i will continue to document. i will not feel guilty if i skip a day or three. i will know that it is okay to borrow an idea and make it work for me. i will let the blog evolve into what it wants to be. i will not let the blog overtake what is truly important, but give the truly important a place.

and if i happen to get visitors along the way, i hope they will feel
welcome + inspired.