free {holiday} inspiration

free holiday inspiration

my mailbox has been bursting with all sorts of glossy catalogs. i've gotten in the habit of immediately sifting through them and gathering the best ones. then i take my time poring over each page (some require a second viewing) and making notes + sketches for inspiration. some pages provide great ideas for how to accessorize a wintery outfit. others show home decor pieces or ornaments that i vow to make myself. and others yet graciously provide me with ideas on furniture placement, or gift wrapping, or holiday adorning.

i feel so accomplished when i come away with clippings and sketches and ideas galore. when i begin a new project that i came up with while inspiration gathering. or when i purchase a great piece on consignment or discount... similar to one i saw in a catalog.

today is a day off for me, and what plans i have. will be heading to the craft store soon to gather materials and begin a few projects. what ideas have you collected for free?