good things on a monday.

much is happening here. we are abustle with plans and projects. the weekend was good, and a fresh start to a week is promising. a few things that are keeping me smiling and satisfied:

01. save the dates progress. time consuming but satisfying.
02. saving $47.93 in coupons last week. (actually, in just one day.) am glad i sat down and carefully searched, printed and clipped.
03. caramel apple cider with whipped cream.
04. compiling christmas lists in my head: what goodies to buy + make for whom, how to handmadedecorate on a budget.
05. meeting the priest who will marry us + practicing our vows.
06. warm weather in november. am definitely ready for the cold as the holidays approach, but a jacket-less day is always welcome. sweaters + scarves are folded at the ready.
07. visiting this little boutique on saturday. out of my budget? yes. but darling + happy + full of inspiration nonetheless? of course.
08. gathering old favorites + some newbie recipes for thanksgiving desserts.
09. hunting for the perfect advent calendar. i prefer the kind that has a different item in each day's pocket, and they all go together to decorate a tree (or something of the like). any suggestions?
10. a very happy + exciting piece of information to share tomorrow. you won't want to miss it.