oatmeal for breakfast.

a wholesome thing. yesterday i began my day of work-at-home with a hearty bowl, complete with sliced bananas and brown sugar. there's just something about it that can make you feel so warm and fulfilled, ready to get out there and grab life by the horns. i proceeded to cross things off my list, while being serenaded my michael buble, the last of my fall candle sweetening up the house. what is it about spending the day in the comfort of your home that just makes things better? especially on days cold and dark. it must be something about my love for all things domestic. this is the time of year that i yearn to tie on my apron, hit play on the perfect ipod playlist, and spend hours in the kitchen whipping up the best festive treats.

anyhow, i'm getting away from myself. i promised a photo of my thrift store mugs and i intend to deliver. these little gems are by ballard designs, and something similar retails for $30 for a set of four. now i really happen to enjoy this lemongrass hue, and the fact that they are microwave and dishwasher safe. four little words that make my life just a little easier.

thrifted mugs

i am so pleased with my buy and can't wait to store them away in our kitchen cabinets. they will be used quite well over the winter... i'm a lover of coffee and teas, and i've got the best homemade hot chocolate recipe. but that's for another day.