one month from today is christmas. in thirty days' time, gifts will be purchased and carefully wrapped, candles will be flickering in the windows, trees will be sparkling and stockings hung with care. there is so much to do over the next few weeks, but it is a time of such joy. i am so looking forward to partaking in these yearly events, this year even more special as matt and i will celebrate our first humble christmas in our new home.

but as for now, it is the time for thanksgiving. and i've got lots. today i will spend in the kitchen, creating the perfect desserts for my family. how thankful i am for a warm house in which to bake up a storm. and a big family, with aunts, uncles + cousins galore, with whom to celebrate. thanksgiving for us is somewhat of a potluck. we all have our respective assigned dishes, with little variance from year to year... i think it's a perfect way to enjoy the holiday, because we would not have the spread that we do if it weren't for everyone doing their part. we are grateful for the presence of each other in our lives.

on this thanksgiving eve, i have put together a small list of things for which i am thankful.

a handful of thankful : november 09
a loving family
my fiance, matt
a wonderful crowd of in-laws to be
the best of friends
good health
rejoicing in simple pleasures
first-time home ownership
employment + money to pay the bills
a good education
a passion for creativity
clothes to keep warm
a bed in which to sleep
a perfect hair product
good food
hard work/relaxation
coffee (and certain festive red cups)
books + literacy
clearance items
flannel sheets
thoughtful advice
handwritten correspondence

i find these lists so fulfilling, so enduring. i hope to continue small 'handfuls of thankful' throughout the year. thank you for coming to this space and reading my words each day. those who read diligently, and those who stop by when you can, i do appreciate it.