the first decoration

lindsays olives wreath

settling on our house went all too smoothly on monday. unfortunately, by the time we got to the house it was quite dark and pouring rain, so i wasn't able to get any interior photos. then i rushed to philly on tuesday morning where i'll be working for a few days. it has certainly been non-stop, but things are going well. am crossing people of my to buy for list and gathering plenty of decorating ideas along the way. enjoyed a peppermint latte and christmas music on my drive up, and i'm beginning to realize how much being in a city can put one in the christmas spirit. sidewalks and windows are bedecked, giant trees are lit, salvation army bells are ringing, and festive stores are bustling.

one of the few christmas adornments we will be purchasing is this beautiful olive branch wreath. i came across wreaths from lindsay olives, handmade from olive branches, bay and eucalyptus leaves. nothing beats an abundance of green leaves tied up into a wreath to welcome guests for the season. apparently they also dry nicely to a shade of silvery-green, for use in future years. i imagine fixing mine up with a nice rustic bow. the wreaths come in two sizes, 14- and 18-inches, and are quite reasonably priced at $30 and $35 respectively. the smaller one would be perfect paired with a pillar candle for a seasonal centerpiece. the best part? proceeds go to meals on wheels association of america! prettify your home + feed the hungry... what better way to welcome december? happy wednesday to you.