how to pick a neutral?

colors in neutral

this weekend is move in. we will pack up the little furniture we have and take it over, making due with what we have for now, until permenant furniture is ordered + delivered. we did order a kitchen table last night, so that will be on its way... (chairs are another story). we will be doing some minimal painting for now... saving the rest for after the holidays. the goal at this point is to get the house in livable shape, and decorated simply in time for christmas. i've been wrestling with the manner in which to choose neutral paint colors. i know the general shade that i wish to paint a couple of the rooms (a cloudy blue-grey for the bedroom, warm white for the living room) but how to proceed from there? house beautiful's paint color guide in the beginning of each magazine has proven to be quite helpful thus far... i love reading what others have to say about the hues. i've also been relying some on southern living...whenenver they show a photo of a room you can refer to the sources in the back of the magazine for more details. i plan to head to sherwin williams, armed with magazine clippings and earmarked pages, marked up paint samples i grabbed while rushing through stores, and hopefully coming away with gallons of paint that will appropriately freshen up the house. wish me luck. and advice.

this morning i purchased a mailbox to be hung by our front door, and some cinnamon pinecones which i hope will make the house really smell like christmas. i'm really loving the little things this season. am headed to the us army band's christmas concert tonight... what a way to ring in the season! have a happy weekend!

clockwise from top left: house beautiful via apartment therapy, house beautiful, domino, frank roop photography