lately, so busy

homemade hot chocolate

between end of the year work wrap-up, moving into a new house and still trying to take in all the joys of the season, i've been completely bogged down lately. the stress is really building up, but i am doing my best. i need to keep remembering to take it one day at a time, and only do what i can. i need to focus on savoring the little things, like snuggling up with homemade hot chocolate. i can be guilty of taking on too much. i do have loads of photos to share, but not yet. do stick around, as i promise to be more present soon.

some good things of late:
gifts neatly wrapped in kraft paper + yarn, tucked beneath the tree
a shiny new washer and dryer, spinning the first loads of laundry
an end-of-week vacation, planned
{nyc, here we come!}
a perfect kitchen table, delivered
four lovely chairs {for the table}, thrifted
wedding plans, progressing
{and honeymoon, booked!}

see you soon.