plans change : a blizzard


the plans of our weekend jaunt to the big city were altered with the increasingly threatening forecasts of a snow storm. we strolled the streets, hand in hand, taking in the sights and sounds. we made a couple of purchases, snapped a few photos, and certainly made some memories before we decided to head home a day early. although it was not an easy decision, it was important to keep in mind that things do not always go exactly as planned. we chose to view our experience as an adventure, one that we would always remember.


it was a good thing we drove back when we did. by the time we got home on friday night, the roads were already covered with a sheet of icy white, and even the most careful of drivers were sliding around on the roads. we were thankful to make it back safe and sound, and nothing was more consoling than waking up on saturday morning to a blanket of six inches.

blizzard 09

a perfect snow day ensued, complete with pajama-lounging, baking of bread, an all-day fire by which to cozy up with a book, bundling up for a long snowy walk around the new neighborhood, an afternoon viewing of a christmas story, and pioneer woman's barbeque meatballs for dinner. there was no place i'd rather have been, especially not on the i-95 corridor, battling the blizzard to make it home.

light wheat bread

sometimes, things work out for the best.