a (big) new year

a frigid start.

on this first monday of the new year, i hope you find yourselves relaxed and healthy, fulfilled from the holidays and ready to start fresh. i can't help but feeling like january has crept up without notice.

christmas was wonderful all around. much time spent with families, an abundance of good food, coziness, conversation and laughs. i have been blessed with some perfect gifts: the pioneer woman cookbook being a favorite, martha's homekeeping handbook as my new go-to reference, a shiny new kitchen-aid stand mixer (way sooner than i thought!), an exciting subscription to brighten my mailbox each month, and a delightful perfume, to name a few.

last tuesday we flew out to minnesota to celebrate the season with matt's family in the cities, then packed up the truck and headed north to spend a frosty new years at the lodge. i hope you can make out the temperature in the photo... yes, it reads -22 degrees. definitely the coldest weather i have ever experienced, but oh what a time it was. we spent the vast majority of the days inside snuggled up by the day-long fires. we read magazines, ate (and ate, and ate) delicious food, and rang in the new year with cheer.

on the docket for this week: take down christmas, choose paint colors, and prepare our home for a fresh january start. this will be quite the year for us, probably the biggest yet. be sure to stay tuned for more photos and a few resolutions.