a cupcake story

i am in philadelphia for work this week. on my way to visiting my last client yesterday, i decided i wanted to pick a little something up for them. parked right in center city, i strolled past a few shops for inspiration. finally, i popped in grocery, a cute little corner shop with a nice logo. (no, i have not moved past falling for good branding.)


lucky for me, there was a display of perfect little cupcakes in the window... among other goodies throughout the store. i quickly filled a box with the best looking ones, paid, and headed out.


decadent aromas filled the car.

i brought them to my account, where they were set out with plates and napkins.
i kept eyeing them.
i thought they might be calling to me.
it couldn't be. i am eating well in january, remember?

just as i was about to swipe my finger through the icing (ok not really. well, maybe) one of the ladies suggested that i should have one. could she see me salivating from the other room? after a short period of deliberation, i snatched a plate and scooped out a coconut.


boy, was it decadent. in that moment, i wanted to eat nothing but cupcakes for the rest of my life. oh, perfect.

am glad i indulged. it's good sometimes, you know?

what have you indulged in, lately?

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