the heart of the home

kitchen love

today i looked at my kitchen and felt satisfied. somewhat of a milestone for me, with this new house. we moved in in december, arranged some hand-me-down furniture, threw up the christmas decorations, and celebrated. now that january has rolled around and the holiday glamour has been boxed up until next year, we have been reorganizing. ordering furniture, painting, making the house our home. although this process will be lengthy, small victories and general contentment are what makes it fun. we've got a ways to go in certain places, but as long as it is cozy and happy for now, that's what matters. the kitchen is a place where not much re-do is needed. yes, window treatments are in our future. it could use a fresh coat of paint (a sage green, perhaps?), and our thrifted chairs are waiting to be refinished. but for now, i am happy. i couldn't ask for a more perfect heart of the home.