5 months

apple green groomsmen ties

yesterday marked five months 'til wedding day. once this fact was brought to my attention, i had a little ohmygosh moment. it seemed like just yesterday it was january 10, and the wedding was six months away. why is it that five months feels so much closer than six?

i still feel very much on top of things, and i want it to stay that way. all the big things are done, and the next four months will be devoted to the little details, and lots of diy projects. i'm acting as though the wedding is a month earlier, so the last 30 days can be spent tying up loose ends and managing unexpected last-minute scenarios.

it made me feel good to think about what i had completed in the last month:
reserving a dj
ordering ties for the groomsmen
& subsequently deciding upon a shade for the gals' shoes
finishing and mailing save the dates
putting shower dates on the calendar
making a guest list spreadsheet
reserving hair stylist & makeup artist
completing the majority of our regestries
unveiling the website
ordering accessories for my dress
narrowing down hair/veil options
beginning invitation design

not bad when i lay it all out!

as one of my bridesmaids wrote to me yesterday,

"just think...it's february 10 and here you are-- snowed in and stir crazy... but july 10, the weather will be spectacular and the only crazy you'll be is crazy in love"

love it!