twenty-ten blizzard.

blizzard snapshots

things got crazy at the end of last week... frantic grocery store stops, and last-minute shovel purchasing. the weather reports were right: 28 inches of snow dropped between friday afternoon and saturday evening. it made for quite the experience... lots of time hunkered indoors, laundry running, cookies baking, shoveling every few hours. homemade soup for dinner, red wine and good tv. it doesn't get much better.

i realized that one of the reasons i love the "crippling snowfall" so much is that it brings simplicity to the forefront. normally, people are so busy running here and there, having time for nothing else. but when the last flakes had fallen, a long walk around the neighborhood showed families outside together, couples snapping photos, children sledding and building forts. the "have-to's" were set aside, if only for a day. time stood still. stop lights still ran, but for no cars. moments are made for wholesome things, like reading and cooking, without the guilt of i should be doing something else.

we are thankful for no power outages, and plenty of quality time. i have a few good recipes to share this week... and the forecast of another east coast blizzard is in the works.