weekend recap, thoughts of spring

awaiting spring

a lovely weekend was had here, welcoming friends on friday evening and staying up too late, deep in conversation. there's nothing better than a glass of wine and a best friend, snuggled on the sofa, whiling away the hours. we got up on saturday morning, started the day with a bagel breakfast, and were off to the consignment shops. with the new house, this has become a favorite pastime of late. exhausted from the late night before, i returned and had a long, peaceful nap. sometimes soft music or a bustling fiance create the perfect background sounds for a nap. but not saturday... the utter could-hear-a-pin-drop silence (other than an occasional bulldog snore) was happily welcomed. i woke up completely refreshed with time to complete a few chores and decide on wedding shoes. a steak dinner was the perfect way to end the day.

sunday was church and coffee and lots of painting. turtle dove now covers the living room walls, waiting for its second coat. it's a perfect neutral white, with undertones of green and sometimes blue, depending on the daylight. i love that. a throw-together sunday dinner and usa-canada hockey game tied up our weekend... just right for february.

peachy-pink roses adorn the kitchen counter, bringing a touch of spring inside. as the snow melts, it's getting to be that time... lingering on the pages of swimsuit catalogs, and perusing the website of the resort where we will spend our honeymoon come july. i am ready.