in honor of turning 24 today, i have taken inspiration from elise and jordan, and created a list of twenty four things to do while i'm 24. i tried to make them fairly attainable, not stress-inducing. they are not 'resolutions' as much as challenges and goals that i would like to meet over the next year, creating a sense of accomplishment and a sweet 365 days. some are simpler than others, some i've wanted to do for a long time, some i love to do but haven't in a long time. without further ado, my list:
01. take a roadtrip
02. purchase a new camera lens (christmas gift: 50mm f/1.4)
03. get a massage 
04. visit a letterpress studio
05. sell something (i've consigned some clothes...)
06. create a pretty, workable studio (in progress)
07. build a website (in progress)
08. go camping
09. paint
10. take a class/workshop (alma's illustrator class - jan '11)
11. do yoga (thank you, livingsocial, for affordably introducing me!)
12. interview someone i admire
13. find a good flea market/thrift shop (found a few decent ones. still in the works.)
14. plant a garden
15. see a show
16. watch the sunrise
17. host a party (kentucky derby plans are in the works)
18. read a classic
19. makeover a piece of furniture
20. send a surprise package
21. visit a gallery/museum
22. sew something
23. undertake a big project
24. volunteer