goings on

daffodil bloom

i've been thinking a lot lately about "right now". there is so much going on in my life, in our lives, and i don't want it to be forgotten in the midst of all the anticipation of the wedding.

+ welcoming sunshine
+ enjoying the perks, and challenges, of being first time homeowners
+ making weekly (or bi-weekly) home depot trips
+ blooming daffodils in the window
+ wedding details in the works
+ ready for a new audio book
+ paint swatches tucked in every corner
+ shopping lists in progress
+ learning about budgeting
+ eagerly awaiting springtime
+ dining al fresco for the first time
+ assembling an arsenal of recipes
+ sharing household duties
+ loving taupe on my fingernails
+ bookmarking ikea items
+ upcoming sewing projects
+ planning a vegetable garden- or at least herbs this year
+ pondering future careers
+ stocking up on two gallons of milk each week
+ granola- and bread-making often
+ shopping for spring dresses
+ and honeymoon attire