springy surprise

a gift

a couple of weeks ago, i arrived home after a long few days of traveling. i was greeted at the door by a large package, return address from anthropologie. i racked my brain, trying to figure out if i had ordered something and forgotten... but no. i could not think of anything.

i opened the box to find several smaller packages, each individually wrapped, and a note:
"just a touch of spring to brighten these long winter months"

it was from one of my good friends, a friend who knows how much i lament the dark cold months of winter. i opened the boxes to find the most beautiful set of potholders, and a deliciously fragrant bar of soap.

a gift

they are so perfect. truly, the package made my week. what a pick-me-up! the colors truly are so bright and lovely... and they look wonderful in the kitchen. it really got me thinking about how much doing little, for-no-reason things for others can mean so much. note to self: pay it forward.