springtime abounds


spring has truly sprung here in the east. we've been basking in ninety degree days, and they're talking thunderstorms for tonight. can you believe it? within a matter of weeks, the wool coats are hung neatly back on their hangers, and sundresses are the frontrunners: cool and light. the steering wheel burns my hands, and my chapstick gets melty. i'm finding meals to cook without turning on the oven, and popsicles are kept close at hand in the freezer. it's hard to believe that this was only two months ago, to the day.

i snapped a few photos around the garden this weekend. it seems i can't get enough of the green growth and sunshiny skies. yesterday i stopped at the market for some fresh produce and made a post-dinner fruit salad. long walks around the neighborhood are becoming a mainstay, as are the happy tunes of the ice cream man. oh spring, we're happy you're here.