lately, weddings.

+ things have been busy around here lately. with each day that passes, we are one day closer to the wedding which means more and more to-do's. in an effort to NOT have an early july meltdown, i am trying my best to keep on top of things. thus, less time to devote to blog. i assure you, things are good... just busy.

+ in other news, i've been fighting a terrible cold this week. it seems i've been subsisting on vitamin c and zinc in an effort to rid myself of this virus before this weekend, when

+ we have two weddings to attend. bridesmaid luncheon on schedule for today, wedding #1 on saturday & then we'll hop in the car for a trip to bald head island, north carolina for wedding #2. it should be crazy, but loads of fun. won't be back 'til late monday.

dresses1- verawang

+ am reviewing some of my favorite gowns over on district weddings today. do take a peek!