happy 4th
hope you had a fantastic fourth. with most wedding preparations in order, ours was quite relaxing. cocktails by the pool, grilled burgers and flag cake, fireworks on the roof deck, good music and great friends. we can't believe we're less than a week out from the wedding.

today: finalize the wedding day timeline. print welcome cards for the hotel bags. deliver 40 kraft-paper-and-green bags to the hotels. organize details and drop off at reception site. wear apple green shoes around the house. shop at target to stock up on honeymoon necessities. email bridesmaids with tons of details. print photos of makeup styles i like. paint another coat of strengther on my nails. wrap gifts for parents, wedding party. consult my 'wedding bible' for answers.

i may be in or i may be out. i'll stop by if i can to show last minute details and prep.
4 days! happy face!