last night's project

sewn pillow

my aim was to stay busy. matt was out playing poker and i was in need of something to keep me occupied for the evening. the sewing machine hadn't had much use since the wedding, so i decided it was time for a simple project. a quick trip to the craft store was all i needed to grab a couple of yards of fabric (on sale! hooray!) and an 18" pillow form.

the process was simple: (even for your's truly, the novice!)
+ i cut a 20" square, and two 20" x 12 1/2" rectangles from the fabric.
+ on both of the smaller pieces, i finished one long edge by folding 1/2" over to the wrong side, pressing, folding over and pressing again. i ran a seam down each of the folds.
+ i then laid the large square upright, with the two smaller pieces right-side-down over top. they overlapped in the middle to create the concealed opening. i pinned all the way around the edges.
+ 4 straight seams later, i had a new throw pillow!

this was a quick and easy project, and thoroughly enjoyable. how exciting to know that a decor facelift is only a few minutes away!