morning light

late august morning light

isn't it the prettiest? i can hardly believe it's the last monday in august and the first day of school all over again. on my early morning walk through the neighborhood, i couldn't help but to imagine the bustle occurring inside each home i passed. first-day outfits being buttoned up, bowls of cereal and milk around the kitchen table, backpacks stuffed to the brim with fresh looseleaf and pencils and crayons. right now i spy a crossing guard on the corner and a steady stream of parent/child pairs, hand-in-hand. those were the days.

this weekend included a trip to our shiny new supermarket, as well as a productive outing to lowe's. armed with a coupon, we filled up a cart with paint and a power drill and a big ladder and other necessities with which we will continue the making of a house into our home. photos will be coming, my friends. now that we are beyond the wedding (those photos soon too, promise) we have had extra time to feather our nest. this is proving to be a slow but sure process, but it's moving. although it's sometimes a challenge, we are big believers in waiting for the right pieces to come along. with a little patience and a lot of creativity, it is shaping up into ours.

today i am scheduling and scrubbing and phoning and folding. am planning my first real attempt at fish tacos for dinner. you see, when you had this place in your backyard for a few years, the bar is set high. will report back.

happy monday to you.