apple picking

orchard trees

apple diptych

fall colors

freshly picked apple

empire apples

guess what! on saturday, my mom and sister (home for a quick weekend from college) went apple picking! it was a spontaneous decision and could not have been a better one. the weather was perfect and we enjoyed each other's company as we filled our bags with staymens and mutsus and granny smiths.

pumpkin picking and scarecrow making seemed to be more popular activities, so the crowds were kept at bay and we had plenty of space amongst the apple trees to pick and choose the very best ones. we climbed on the tractor with our overflowing bags and loaded our bounty in the car before wandering around the market for a bit. we perused the aisles stocked with squash and cider and honey, and delighted in the aromas of fall-fresh bakery goods. we paid for a bit of homemade fudge, and indulged on the ride home as reds and oranges and yellows danced past the car windows.

it was a perfectly perfect fall day, and applesauce-making is on the list for this week.
did you do anything fallish this weekend?