friday, knitting

october knitting

good morning and happy friday to you! i hope your day is just as crisp and sunny as it is here... quintessentially fall i might say. i have pumpkin oatmeal in my system and am already tackling the to-do's.

this weekend, we are seeing a high school play (my brother in law is directing), spending lots of family time, and will cheer on the ravens at the game on sunday. i've got a small sewing project lined up, and hope to peruse my latest magazines for some new recipes.

the start

in other news, i taught myself to knit yesterday... and it's a bid addicting. i am slow to start, but can't help but pick up the needles whenever i have the chance. am hoping for a scarf by christmastime. will keep you posted.

ps. don't you just love the bay leaf colored yarn?

happy weekend!