oh my do i love apple season.

apples + pb

we are enjoying them in all the right ways. nothing beats an orchard-fresh honeycrisp. [even though we are having a strange heatwave. i love the warmth, but my cinnamon-scented candle just does not smell the same when it is 80 degrees outside.]

oh, and please please get to your nearest trader joe's and pick up a bottle of their spiced cider. you guys, it is divine. i've never had store-bought cider that tastes this wonderful. you're in for a treat.

for the most part, leaves are still green (and still attached to their branches) here. we do, however, have a periodic tap-tap-tapping of acorns falling from our big backyard oak. i've come to like the sound... it seems cozy and appropriate. and it's a norm here in this old neighborhood.

ps. thank you for your feedback last week. i am always so happy to hear from you.