thursday brain dump + a favor.

01. am so happy that fall has truly arrived. cool, crisp days are tops in my book. it still seems a bit soon for scarves and boots, but i'm sure within the next week or two they will be appearing daily.

02. we're having our share of grey + rainy days here on the east coast. i much prefer these days when i can spend them at home, lit candle and going about the day's business.

03. so many appley recipes that i'm dying to try. tarts and salads and cakes, oh my!

04. i am travelling for work this week, and am in the philadelphia area for a few days. out of character, i decided on the spur of the moment that i wanted to get my hair freshened up for fall. i hadn't been to a stylist since before the wedding, and i was craving some warmth and a bit more definition for my locks. after a few minutes of research, i found a salon that i believed would fit the bill. i mean, you'd be swayed by their glitzy website and design aesthetic too, right? turns out it was a good choice. i came away with smooth, honey-toned highlights and long layers. just proves that sometimes taking a risk is worth it!

05. am lusting after everything anthropologie these days -- cozy sweaters, decorative coats, sparkly jewelry, colorful tableware, polka-dotted skirts, vintagey boots. (i sense a christmas list in the works...)

06. a shiny coat of no spain no gain is on my nails this week. [speaking of which, a good friend suggested this as the best-ever topcoat. have you tried it?]

07. am on the hunt for the perfect fall shoe. simple and comfortable is my goal. they'll be my run to the store, peruse a yard sale, walk the dog, spend a day at the stadium shoes. i'm steering away from boots, as i have plenty. what are your favorites? please, please help.

08. my soundtrack for fall includes norah jones + diana krall. and a bit of jamie cullum for good measure.

09. are you watching the event? it's our new favorite thing for monday nights. it's intense. and confusing. and addicting.

10. our house has become decidedly fall festive. i love walking into a cozy home. a handful of mini white pumpkins may be the perfect finishing touch

11. we ordered some drinking glasses last weekend, and i can't wait for them to arrive. i think i'm going to love them (and you might too!)

12. in honor of a fresh new season, and tidying up goal lists, i have a small favor. i'd love to know what you, as readers, would like to see more of here. what are your favorites? what don't you love? what are you missing? your input is most appreciated. [and many, many thanks in advance.]