i'm thankful.

hi friends! thanksgiving week is upon us, and amongst the roasting and mashing and baking, i find myself ever thankful.

for health and home and family and freedom. a loving pup to keep us company and make us laugh. food to cook and clothes to wear. fire to keep toasty, water to drink. sunshine streaming through the windows and a cloudless blue sky. for the seasons, and the distinct beauty of each. for optimism and smiles. a place to sleep each night, and cozy blankets for warmth. for upcoming holidays and a cheerful disposition. for the today show each morning and nightly news in the eve. for employment, and the steady income it brings. for a working washer and dryer, just a few steps away. a hot shower and good-smelling soap. for laughter. for morning coffee and a full fridge. pretty polish for my nails and comfy slippers for my feet. for a garden to tend and errands to run. i am thankful for it all.

on thursday, matt and i will head north on 95 to spend thanksgiving with my relatives in new jersey. there will be 35 people in attendance, and we will be toting a boatload of homemade rolls. there is much merriment ahead. we will wake early on friday morning and take the train into new york. we will stroll down the city sidewalks, give to the salvation army elves, and revel in holiday cheer before making our way home on saturday. safe travels & best wishes to you for this upcoming holiday.