it's november

roasted pumpkin seeds

good morning! happy monday + the first day of november. i can hardly keep up with the speed at which the months are flying. we will be decking the halls before we know it.

but back to business. how was your weekend? ours was quite enjoyable: the perfect balance of productivity and play, if you ask me. saturday commenced with a hearty brunch of strata and caramel apple sticky buns. two new recipes which will surely make appearances again. matt played golf with his dad and i tackled our closet. (yes, that's right... we just have one. and it's not big.) it is a dilemma that keeps me ever on my toes, and we have clothes tucked in every corner - bins under the bed, hanging racks in the basement, an extra dresser upstairs. summer is officially packed away, and the sweaters and scarves have been pulled out for good.

on sunday we woke early, stopped for coffee and headed to the pumpkin farm. we picked a perfectly round one, and bought warm cider donuts for the ride home. we got back and matt carved a friendly face while i roasted the seeds. when he headed out for a bow-hunting lesson, i designed our christmas card and painted a little wall with chalkboard paint. (i can't wait to share photos.) we snacked on sliced apples and cheddar, built the first fire of the season and doled out candy to neighborhood treaters.

i hope you enjoy your day. this week i'm swapping the jack-o-lanterns for turkeys, and poring over catalog pages packed with mistletoe and holly. i hope it's not too soon. (i may have already picked out a perfect pair of stockings!) so much goodness to come.