our wedding: cake buffet

during the months leading up to the wedding, i scoured thrift shops and flea markets vintage cake stands of various shapes and sizes. i collected several, and even borrowed a few from friends and family. i worked with our baker to create my vision: one two-tiered cake that we would cut, several single-tier round cakes, and a couple dozen cupcakes to round out the display. i was so pleased with the way everything turned out. the various shapes and sizes created a sense of abundant simplicity, which i loved. our florist placed simple white blooms on top of the cakes, which contrasted so nicely with the various icing textures.

in case you were wondering, the flavor lineup:
two-tier: chocolate chip cake, vanilla mousse filling
single-tiers: lemon cake, raspberry filling
                   vanilla cake, chocolate mousse filling
                   almond cake, strawberry filling
cupcakes: carrot
                 chocolate chip

(all frostings were buttercream)

cake buffet

cake, cupcake

all photos by jennifer domenick