our wedding: the invitations

i am so excited to finally share our wedding invitations with you! these were a big part of my wedding diy last year and i loved every minute. i created the design myself and hired a printer to letterpress them. this way, i was able to save a ton of money AND still have letterpressed invitations! i stayed very classic and elegant with the black and white design, adding lots of flourishes for a bit of artistic flair.

i was able to integrate the apple green in a few ways. first, i cut envelope liners from green paper and glued them into the envelopes when we received them back to the printer. although it wasn't quick work, i love the effect it gave. i also purchased small muslin bags and stamped them with a custom logo i'd designed. finally, the whole set was tied with apple green baker's twine, which brought the rustic theme into play. i just love the interest that the bags (which contained the reply card and envelope) added to the otherwise simple suite.