our wedding photos: reception (part 1)

for the reception, i took off my wrap and changed into a necklace. much of last winter and spring was spent searching for the perfect reception necklace...i even mentioned it here. since my dress was so simple, i knew i could go super bold: i wanted lots of pearls and sparkles. well, after searching through the usual suspects... j.crew, ann taylor, department stores... i finally found something similar to what i was looking for at kate spade. she was offering a big neon necklace at the time, and after a bit of searching around it just so happened that the year before (i think) she had offered the same thing in pearl. well, long story short i probably spent an entire afternoon digging through the internet, but i found one (the only one) on ebay and snapped it up for less than $200 (original retail price $495). i was head over heels in love and still consider it one of my most favorite parts of my wedding attire.

the escort cards were another project i took on. once all of the reply cards were in and we'd mapped out a seating arrangement, i bought a pack of shipping tags from office depot, and calligraphed names and seating assignments on each one. our florist created a wonderful display full of moss and succulents wherein each tag could be attached to a wooden stake.

as you can see from the photo below, our venue really had a 'classic hunting lodge' feel to it. (i was none too thrilled about the taxidermy at first, believe me.) looking back, though, it really did work well with the rustic feel. our florist was phenomenal-- when i requested to have different clustered arrangements for each table, he went above and beyond. one of my favorite parts of looking through the photos was seeing all of the different arrangements!


i had considered several ways to do chalkboard table numbers. the simplest and most economical way turned out to be purchasing simple black frames from ikea (i think they were sold in packs of two). i removed the glass inserts and spraypainted with chalkboard paint. a couple of hours later, they were reassembled and i wrote the numbers on with plain white chalk. easy, cost-effective, impressive.

table numbers

all photos by jennifer domenick