so january.

after what seems like an extended weekend, i am happy to have a few photos to share today. on saturday, matt and i traveled to fredericksburg, virginia to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend. we enjoyed spending time in the quiet little town, strolling through antique shops and local eateries. despite a heartbreaking ravens loss, we were able to regroup and admit that football season is not in fact over.

fredericksburg, va

breakfast, window

the rest of our weekend was fairly low key: simple breakfasts and bright windows. yesterday, we woke to a layer of ice coating the everything. it is quite magical to see how glistening each branch and leaf can become. i did a bit of reading, a bit of learning, a bit of baking.

ice coated vines

icy branch

icy footprints

icy branches2

iced plants

muffin tins, ready

tell me, what's new with you?