weekend project: stairs

i woke up on saturday morning with an itch to get deep into a project. does that ever happen to you? we've had our house for over a year now and my list of things to do is still getting longer.

the runner on the stairs was something i always knew in the back of my head that we would change, but i didn't feel any rush to do so. with several inches of snow still on the ground, saturday seemed like the perfect time. after gathering tools, we had the wood exposed in just a couple of hours. the assembly line method worked: matt and i alternated positions prying tack strips and pulling staples.

we didn't know what to expect in terms of the quality of wood underneath the runner. the good news is that the wood does not need to be refinished, probably just a good scrubbing will remove any lingering dirt and marks. the bad news is that the risers need to be repainted. apparently the previous owners thought that when installing the runner, it would be a good idea to use permanent marker to make [large, dark] marks for where it should go. lovely.

overall, i like the result. it is different to hear footsteps going up the stairs, but i don't miss the florally runner and i certainly won't miss vacuuming it.