weekend review


this weekend was tops. relaxing and productive and fulfilling and so much together time.
highlights include (in chronological order):

-friday evening reading in the sunroom with a glass of wine
(wondering why i don't allow myself this time more often)
-turkey burgers and a showing of unstoppable
-saturday morning french pressed coffee, eggs & sweet potato hash
-a few hours thrifting; salvaged fern prints for our bathroom
-chicken tortellini soup, homemade french bread
-sunshine and open windows
-granola fresh from the oven
-a long sunday morning walk, husband at my side and pup leading the way
-acrylic on canvas, it's been so long
-washing brushes, (i didn't miss this part)
-clipping and raking and bagging, first time outside this year
-roasted chicken & veggies, pb cookies & oscar night

in other news, halle berry always looks perfect. as does gwyneth paltrow.