happy st. pat's & (early) friday

first spring pedicure

no, i don't want to talk about my pale feet.

but i do want to discuss how i got the first pedicure of the season, and how my toes are so happy. they are donning a bright summery pink and are yearning to feel the sand.

as it turns out, they are in luck, because tomorrow morning we are flying to key west. i am so excited i can't even believe it. this was a (really unlike us) spontaneous idea that we dreamed up a couple of weeks ago, and it is about to come to life! i am having the best time pulling out my summer clothes, deciding which dresses and sandals and jewelry (and swimsuits!!) i will bring. what a treat.

i will be back with plenty of photos (and hopefully a tan) next week. i hope you have a wonderful weekend, and get to taste a bit of the spring that is all set to arrive on sunday.

tomorrow will remain without a post in honor of japan.

ps. any travelers out there have not-to-be-missed spots in key west? do tell.