hope you don't mind my mini-hiatus




life is busy. lots going on and no time to write. a quick list to bring you up to speed:

+ i turned 25 this weekend.
+ we took a trip to new york state to visit my sister-in-law, who shares my birthday and turned 21.
+ it was rainy and cold, but nothing sweet potato fries and milkshakes couldn't help.
+ it's pretty fun to share a birthday.
+ my 24 @ 24 list has ended - i think i did fairly well.
+ no plans for a 25 list yet.. thinking about it.
+ two good projects are in progress [craigslist/ikea]. they should debut soon.
+ bright colors and cheery prints have me yearning for spring.
+ in the meantime, a spontaneously-planned trip to florida has me counting down.
+ this is my latest buy; finally on the crossbody bandwagon (and at that price, everyone should be!)
+ am updating picture frames around the house.
+ and planning a trip to the garden center for a few new houseplants.
+ (my way of cheering up march).
+ this version of scrabble on the ipad is a new addiction. 
+ the event returns tonight. we can hardly wait.

there you have it. will be back when i can.
what's new with you?