key west

i can't express how fun it was to escape the cold and spend a few days in a place where it was truly summer. warm sunshine, a breeze, palm trees, white sand, hammocks, lounge chairs. i feel so rejuvenated after spending a few days in such a place.

if you've ever been, you know that key west is a very colorful place. not only in the shops and houses, but also in the people. there are so many different shapes, colors and types, we found that people watching was a sport all its own in key west.

we enjoyed days on the beach and by the pool, dinners at sunset, nights on the town. since our hotel was located at the opposite end from most of the nightlife, we found ourselves doing lots of walking. what we enjoyed most in the evenings was strolling the streets, drink in hand (thanks to no open container laws), and people watching.

it was a short trip, but just what i needed. am still getting back into the swing of things, but at least i can look in the mirror and see a nice tan for a few days! will be back with a few more photos tomorrow.