spring forward weekend

coffeetable succulents

friends coming into town gave me the perfect excuse to spruce up the house a bit this weekend. it is the awkward time between winter and spring, where snowflakes and muted tones feel stale but i am not yet ready for spring brights. i settled on some sunshiney-potted succulents and a burlap runner for the coffee table, and am slowly transitioning the winter decor out. we had an almost springlike weekend, temperatures creeping up enough to enjoy pita and hummus on the deck, but zipped jackets still necessary.

our sunday was quieter. laundry spinning and windows cracked to let in a bit of fresh (but still cool) air. we made a trip to the nursery for the first plants, and got lumber to start on our raised veggie bed. we enjoyed the later sunset, and settled in with spaghetti & meatballs and thick slices of bread. we're more than excited for the extended days that are soon to come.