april camping

camping - apr11

we are back from our first camping trip of the season. it hadn't been since last fall that we were able to make time for a weekend away, and it was definitely welcomed. i just love getting completely off the grid, with only nature as a backdrop.

camping mosaic - apr 11

we grilled pizzas, walked through the woods, basked in the sunshine (and had a butterfly land on my toe!), and were mesmerized by the rapids. matt & i agree that the mornings are the best part of a camping trip. warming up by the campfire with a mug of coffee, eggs and bacon and english muffins as a hearty breakfast, and discussions of what's in store for the day ahead.

and as much as we love it, a few days in the woods really makes us appreciate coming home. our warm, cozy bed (and proximity to the bathroom) were never more loved than on sunday night.