checking in


oh my, friday already. springtime is flying by and i'm trying to savor every moment. last week was only sunshine, and i tried to spend as much time as i could outside. this week, in contrast, has been damp and gray, SUPER humid, and punctuated by thunderstorms. summer is on its way for sure.

much is happening and life is full. with all the rain, the herbs are flourishing (i added rosemary, cilantro, and two types of basil) and the little veggies are getting bigger by the day. double impatiens in a bright, coraly-red shade are potted on the front porch, and the long grass begs to be mowed every week. we are eating asparagus and strawberries like crazy, and i've got rhubarb in the fridge just waiting for the perfect recipe. windows are open, sweaters and jackets are swapped out for dresses and flip flops, and a light pink polish is swiped on my nails.

while home decor projects are paused at the moment, i do have a couple of invitation designs in the works. wedding season is coming in fast and hard, and with that comes showers and bachelorette parties and other such festivities. and speaking of weddings, a big one is coming up soon. matt's brother proposed to his girlfriend last weekend. (they're the ones who gave us the lilacs, remember?) when we got the call on saturday, we spontaneously dropped everything and made the four hour drive to celebrate with them. it was so much fun and we could not be more excited.

in other big news, i got a new job! it is a similar type sales position but in a new industry. so much change, but i am really looking forward to starting in a couple of weeks. i'm not sure what it will bring, but i hope to keep posting as much as i can (even though the summer months always tend to be a bit light).

and for the last piece of news, we will be taking a trip to PARIS next month! please send ALL recommendations (what to wear, where to eat, what to do, what's not-to-be-missed). we are piecing together outfits and planning our itinerary, and want to do it just right.

the sun is supposed to be out this weekend so we are crossing our fingers for some pool time.

i hope life is good for you!