kentucky derby party


it just so happens that i was too busy playing hostess to properly document the day. but trust that our first annual derby party went off without a hitch. [well, only one hitch. the big tv on which we planned to watch the race wasn't working (or rather, comcast wasn't working)... so we all had to cram in the living room and watch on the smaller one. but some things are just out of your control.]


i had my first experience with purchasing flowers in bulk, but it went seamlessly. after the 100 roses were delivered from costco, i kept the wrappers on the flowers and immediately snipped their stems and placed them into buckets of water. after a few hours, i removed the wrappers and all of the leaves that fell below the water line (decomposing leaves can kill the flowers). the next day, i amassed all of my vases and made arrangements for the house.


i was lucky enough to have a few ladies arrive early to help prep the food, while the guys filled the coolers and made last minute adjustments. i prepared the ham biscuits, asparagus salad, and derby pies during the week, which made saturday morning a bit easier. 

there were pastels and pearls and big hats and plenty of juleps to be had (sipped from mason jars, of course). the rain held off and the day was pretty perfect... the party started at 3 and went well into the night.



i am decidedly glad to have my first party behind me. so much prep and planning went into it that this break is very much welcomed. i am now in the process of making notes about what worked and what didn't, what we had too much of and what we could have used more of. all the little details to make next year's even better!